Module FAQ

ControlWorks offers a wide variety of Crestron modules for sale in our online store. There are a variety of questions that come up regarding exactly what is for sale, who can purchase it, and other related policies. The purpose of this FAQ is provide answers to as many questions as possible. Please call if we still haven't answered your question! Call us at 440.449.1100 option 1 


What is a Crestron module?

A Crestron module is a block of programming for a Crestron control system. You must have a Crestron control system in order for a Crestron module to be of any use to you. These modules do not run on Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other type of computer.

Who can buy a ControlWorks Crestron module?

Our modules are of use only to organizations who are licensed to use the Crestron family of software. This would include, but is not limited to, Crestron Authorized Dealers, Crestron Authorized Independent Programmers, and Crestron A+ members. As we do not have access to a Crestron dealer list, our website will allow anyone to purchase a module. However, you will not be able to use the module if you do not have legal access to Crestron software.  ControlWorks reserves the right to withhold support on a module purchased by parties that do not have legal access to Crestron software tools.

How is the module delivered?

Our online store will provide you with a link to download the module at the end of your transaction. You will have immediate access to the module. You can also log back in as a returning customer to download your module again at a later date.

What is included when I download the module?

Each module comes in a distribution pack that includes the module itself (UMC), any associated SIMPL+ modules (USP), a PDF help file, a sample SIMPL Windows program (SMW) and at least one sample touchpanel (VTP) file. This allows you to load a program immediately in a test system and see the module in action, before applying it to your own programs.

I have a Crestron system in my home or business. What do I need to do to use one of your modules?

Our modules provide a pre-built block of software for interfacing with particular device or providing some desired functionality in a Crestron system. However, in order for this to be of use you must have the module added to your existing Crestron program. You should speak with your Crestron Authorized Dealer about integrating our module into your system. Additional programming will be required by your Dealer in order for the module to be added to your system.

What is the licensing agreement?

You can view the licensing agreement on the last page of any module help file. In short, we license the module to the organization who purchases it for use in the systems of their clients. The licensing fee is per organization... Multiple programmers from the same company may use the module, and the module may be used in multiple installations. An additional license is required only for another Dealer or CAIP to use the module. Our service based modules are covered under a different terms of service which can be viewed here.

What technical support is provided?

ControlWorks provides technical support by both email and telephone between 9am to 5pm eastern. We will assist you with any issue that arises with one of our modules. We do ask that you load our demo program first, to determine if the issue lies in your program or our module, before calling or writing an email. We also ask that you extend us the courtesy of a phone call to enlist our help before posting your issue on a public forum.

How long will you support my module purchase ?

ControlWorks is committed to providing the highest level of support among CAIP members. We will continue to sell and support all of our modules as long as we have the support of the manufacturer. We depend on the support of the hardware manufactures to provide us with a robust and current protocol in order to provide you with the best product. If we loose that support it becomes difficult for us continue to support the module. Based on ControlWorks being at the mercy of the manufacturer in this situation we reserve the right at any time to discontinue a module and limit the length of time that we will support that discontinued module.

Can I open the module and make changes?

With the exception of our service based modules our other modules are not encrypted or password protected in any way. This allows a Crestron programmer to view the code inside the module and make any desired changes. However, ControlWorks provides technical support only on the original module as delivered from our online store. If you make changes, you are fully responsible for your own technical support on the modified module.

What if a new feature is added later, or a bug is discovered and fixed?

We contact all license-holders and provide an update free of charge.

I'm an equipment manufacturer, and I'd like to see ControlWorks offer a module for my product.

Contact us. We'd be glad to discuss developing a module for you.

I'm a programmer or dealer, and wish ControlWorks would write a module for a particular application.

Contact us. We'd be glad to discuss developing a module for you.