Crestron Module to control DIRECTV Receivers and Genie over TCP/IP


This module is compatible with set top box models H2x (with the exception of H20, and TiVo), HR2x, HR34, HR44, and Genie2. The Genie Cx1 client is also supported when attached to a server. 


Features of the Module

  • IR emulation over IP (when not in "local" menus, see KB notes)
  • Discrete power commands (see KB notes)
  • Direct tuning with a serial input. The serial input is compatible with the SmartGraphics TV Presets module.
  • Tuning to sub-channels, i.e. 3-1.
  • Channel feedback such as channel number, call sign, now playing title, air date, program duration, start time.
  • Ability to query now playing content on a channel that is not tuned - great for TV presets.
  • Parental controls feedback

What's included

This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

 V1.3 update

  • Complete rebuild utilizing SIMPL# - vast speed improvements, lower overhead, improved error handling.
  • Improved debug information.
  • Added in direct tune keypad, was in help file but not implemented on older module.
  • Added episode title output.
  • Changed start time and duration from serials, to analogs in minute format. 
  • Changed behavior of poll_connected_devices to print to console instead of writing to the log.
  • Various updates to support Crestron Studio devices and automatic page generation.

 Known Issues

Please visit our Knowledge Base for a list of known issues when controlling DIRECTV receivers.


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