Crestron Module for Kenwood DT-7000s Sirius Satellite Radio via RS-232 Serial

This module has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. Support for this module has ended. 

This module provides an RS-232 interface between a Crestron 2-series control system and a Kenwood DT-7000s Sirius Satellite Radio. Included are the following features:

  • Discrete power on and off commands
  • Direct channel entry keypad
  • Category and channel up/down
  • Direct category selection
  • Channel lockout / unlock
  • Current channel number, channel name, category, artist, and song title for the channel most recently tuned by the Crestron module
  • User-definable presets (press and hold like a car radio, with channel name stored on the button)


This module is based on the functionality provided under the Kenwood protocol document "DT-7000S RS232C Protocol.xls" dated 11/25/2003. It is important that you realize that this protocol does not support unsolicited feedback OR direct query of current information. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE for proper operation of the sytem that the Crestron processor be the ONLY point of control if current song information is desired. For example, if the Crestron system tunes the DT-7000s to channel 1, and then the tuner is manually changed to channel 31 via the front panel or IR remote control, the current song information on the touchpanel will still be for channel 1.

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