Crestron Module to Control AJA KiPro

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This family of modules provides control over the AJA KiPro line of broadcast quality file-based recorder and playback devices. The modules allow RS-422 and RESTful communications over TCP/IP.

These modules were developed and tested against the KiPro Ultra Plus, but are expected to be compatible with the KiPro Rack, KiPro Ultra, KiPro Ultra Plus, and KiPro Go. However, not all functions are supported on all KiPro models or firmware versions.

AJA KiPro RS422 Module features:

  • Standard transport controls (play, stop, fast forward, etc.)
  • Timecode feedback
  • The ability to store and recall up to 10 presets based on time code
  • The ability to load clips
  • Jog controls using a slider

AJA KiPro REST Module features:

  • System configurations
  • Preset saving and recalling
  • Timecode settings
  • Input selections and configurations
  • Playback controls
  • Record controls
  • Signal Generators
  • Clip and Transport controls

What do I get when I buy the module?
With purchase you will receive the module itself (.umc .usp .ush and .clz), an example program, example touchpanel, and help file.

You also receive updates and telephone support at no additional charge during the support period of the module.

Purchase of this module allows you to use this module in all systems you program. You do not need to purchase an additional license for subsequent systems.

Purchase of this module grants You the nonexclusive, non-transferable, perpetual license to use the Software authored by ControlWorks as a component of Systems programmed by You. This Software and the accompanying license may not be transferred, resold, or assigned to other persons, organizations or other Crestron Dealers via any means. For the full terms of the License Agreement please see the last page in the module help file.


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