Crestron Home Driver to Control DoorBird Doorstations

DoorBird brings an innovate line of Door Stations to the Custom Integration Market. Continuing our long tradition of partnering with manufacturers we are excited to offer a Crestron Home Driver to integrate DoorBird into Crestron systems. 

This driver is available on as well as available to download directly inside of Crestron Home via the Crestron Home Setup app.

This Crestron Home Driver is compatible with D10x, D20x, B10x, D2101, D2101KV, D2102, D2103, D21DKH, D21DKV, D1101 and Holovision models 831, 731, 430, 976, 572, 576. Door Stations running firmware 000102 and above.

Functionality of the Driver includes:

  • SIP calling(DoorBird to Panel Intercom)
  • Native and external (from a connected I/O controller) relay functions
  • Doorbell events
  • RFID events
  • Motion events
  • Fingerprint Events
  • Abilitiy to place the driver in the Home Page, or Room Page, or both. 

The Crestron Home Driver is a free download, however this Driver requires a Module Instance License that can be obtained here. Each DoorBird in Crestron Home requires a separate license in order to function. Licenses are tied to the Crestron processor and DoorBird combination. The Driver also offers a fully featured complimentary trial period of 30 minutes if no license has been purchased. Please see the help file for detailed instructions on how to activate the module and trial restrictions.

Version 1.0.2 update now available: 

  • Added support for SIP calling.
  • Added call locations buttons and file management.
  • Added relay file management.
  • Added the ability to reload the call locations and relay configuration files.
  • Added the ability to hide the reload configuration file buttons.
  • Added support for Fingerprint reads.
  • Added ability to change the Driver page title.
  • Added enhanced license management from the driver UI page.


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