Crestron Modules to Control & Schedule Aprilaire/Enerzone HVAC Systems

Add scheduling features to your Aprilaire 8870 thermostats as well as the older model Enerzone Statnet models. This module allows your Crestron processor to set a 5/2 (weekend/weekday) schedule for heating and cooling a home. 4 events (Wake, Work, Home, Sleep) are provided for both weekdays and weekends. An "Away" override mode prevents the schedule from running while a home is unoccupied (for instance, while the homeowner is on vacation, away on business, or at another property). Each event is given a heating and cooling setpoint as well as mode instruction. The Crestron system then sends the appropriate commands to the thermostats at the designated times.

Multiple instances of the module allow scheduling of multiple zones of heating and cooling. The demo program provided is for a four-zone system.  This can be expanded to additional zones by inserting additional instances of the module.

As a bonus, you also receive a Zone Monitor, a Relay Monitor, and a Global Setpoint module, all for the Aprilaire/Enerzone thermostat. The monitor modules can be dropped into a program as many times as necessary to establish monitoring of multiple zones simultaneously. This is excellent for single-screen displays such as floor plans or whole-house status screens.

An Aprilaire/Enerzone 8811 Protocol Adaptor is required to establish communications between the thermostats and the Crestron processor.

New in Version 2

Added the system mode to the scheduling engine so now setpoint and modes are sent to each stat. Placed serial queue logic into a UMC wrapper. Fixed an issue where values were not being recalled from CF in larger programs.

More Information

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What's included

This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

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