Crestron Module to Control VTRs via Sony RS422 Serial Protocol

This module provides for control of Video Tape Recorders and Digital Video Recorders supporting Sony’s P2 Protocol (also sometimes known as the “9-Pin”, “BVW”, “RS-422”, or simply “Sony” protocol).

This module provides for control of:

  • Standard transports (Play, Pause, Record, etc.) with real feedback
  • Tape Out, Local Control, and Record Inhibited feedback
  • Jog/Shuttle control from the touchpanel using a slider

As well as:

  • Time Code decoding (for Vertical Interval (VITC), Linear (LTC), and Internal Time Code)
  • The ability to store and recall up to 10 preset positions on tape based on the time code.

This module was developed in ControlWorks offices and tested on the following VTRs/DVRs:

  • Grass Valley Turbo iDDR (DVR)
  • Sony BVW-10 (BetaCam)
  • JVC BR-DV3000U (MiniDV/DVCam)
  • JVC BR-S822U (S-Video)
  • Panasonic AG-DV2500 (MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Sony DSR-40 (DVCam)

This module is believed to work with, but has not been tested with  the following VTRs/DVRs.  If you purchase the module to use it with one of this decks and it doesn't work, we'll work with you to resolve the problem or refund your purchase.

  • JVC BR-D52U (D9)
  • JVC BR-D85UNS (D9)
  • JVC BR-D92U (D9)
  • JVC BR-D95U (D9)
  • JVC BR-DV6000NET (DV)
  • JVC BR-DV6000U (DV)
  • Panasonic AG-DV2000 (MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-D455 (DVCPro/DV/MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-HD1700 (DVCPro HD)
  • Panasonic AJ-HD1200A (DVCPro/DV/MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-HD3700B (D-5)
  • Panasonic AJ-SD93 (DVCPro/DV/MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-SD755 (DVCPro/DV/MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-SD930B (DVCPro/DV/MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-SD965 (DVCPro/DV/MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Panasonic AJ-SPD850 (DVCPro Solid State)
  • Pioneer PRV-LX1 (DVD)
  • Sony DSR-45 (MiniDV)
  • Sony DSR-1500 (MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Sony DSR-1600A (MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Sony DSR-1800A (MiniDV/DVCam)
  • Sony DSR-DR1000AP (HDD) 
  • Sony HDWD2000 (HDCam/DigiBeta)
  • Sony HDWM2000 (HDCam/DigiBeta/BetaCam SP/BetaCam SX)
  • Sony HDWS2000 (HDCam/BetaCam SP/BetaCam SX)
  • Sony PDW1500 (MPEG IMX)
  • Sony SRW5500 (HDCam SR/DigiBeta)
  • Sony VO-9850 (UMatic)
  • Sony SVO-9650 (S-VHS)
  • Sony UVW-1800 (BetaCam SP)

Note: Every manufacturer (and sometimes every model or product line) implements the P2 Protocol differently, therefore, we are unable to guarantee that every feature will work (or even work the same way) with every potential video tape recorder or digital video recorder that the module is used with.

Also Note: The Sony P2 Protocol requires a RS-422 connection to the Crestron processor; therefore, it is not possible to use a RS-232-only port (such as on a QM-RMC) or to use a IR/1-way serial port to control a VTR with this module.

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This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

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